August 20, 2021

Our Widget

Works like Magic

Proca was designed to work like magic. Software is meant to make campaigners’ work easier, not bog them down.


Proca works through ‘widgets’ – a word for a small bit of software or code. Putting a widget on your website is simple: copy the short html code from the Proca dashboard and paste it onto your web editor. This code fetches the widget from our server and places it on your website.

If you want to know more, you can check out our guide.


You can edit many things about the widget, such as the language, the colour, and various parts of the text contained in the widget. You can see how that works on this guide page. As it will appear on your webpage, you can also make changes as you would to anything on your webpage using CSS.

Some features are not yet customisable by you through our dashboard, but can only be changed by our team manually, such as changing which submission fields are in a widget or what components the widget has.

Reactive Design

Proca widgets react to your website’s design and to the user’s display. The widget will adopt your website’s font and size automatically [is this true?]: you put it on your website and it fits right in. It automatically adjusts based on the size of the window it is being viewed in to optimise appearance – you can see it move around when you make the browser window bigger and smaller. On mobile, it automatically shows a floating action button which takes supporters straight to the form.

Small and Mighty

We wrote Proca to be light in code, but powerful. Proca will not crash at the peak moment of your campaign. We have tested it at more than a million actions per hour, and it can handle it. Most campaign tools or self-hosted solutions will crash under such a load: we made sure that Proca won’t break when your campaign does well.

Multiple Widgets per Campaign

Most campaigns have multiple widgets, whether that’s for multiple languages or for multiple organisations. New widgets are easily cloned from the original, keeping the same base settings and all linked together behind the scenes. This design makes coalition campaigns easy, and joining new partner organisations is straightforward. Coalition widgets allow for the same campaign action to be distributed across multiple widgets, branded differently, while keeping supporter data collected by different organisations separate unless the supporter opted-in to both organisations.

You can read more about coalition campaigns on Proca in this blog post.