March 1, 2022

Want to join us as senior react developer?

Fix the Status Quo — Senior Web Developer (PT)


Hiring now, working part-time (min 20 hours) up to full time. Flexible working as long as some overlap with CET timezone.

Open source campaign tool started 2 years ago on a modern tech stack, used by some of the biggest NGOs already. We like free software, privacy and working with progressive organisations to try to fix the status quo.

Who we are

We (Fix the Status Quo) are a small organisation who build Proca (, a software campaigning tool with a strong focus on privacy and coalition building. We work for progressive not-for-profit organisations and political parties to power their campaigns. We started developing the software in late 2019, and the tool has now been used by over 250 organisations for over a hundred campaigns in 30 languages, including a couple of European Citizens Initiatives. 

There are currently 3 of us in the team with some freelancers helping and we are looking to hire someone so we can further develop Proca!

We have finished the initial product and have run a number of campaigns with it. In order to scale, we now need to improve the self-service dashboard and automate some of the back-end which is currently done manually. We have finished off the next version of the dashboard to enable a campaign organisation to edit their widgets and invite other organisations to join a coalition campaign, but want to improve some features (eg translation) or add new ones (checklist pre-launch). Our big aim is to become WordPress scale, so we need pretty much everything to be self-service, and this is primarily what our new developer would be working on. We also want to improve integration of other platforms and plug-ins with Proca with a longer-term vision of a software ecosystem.

Position: Senior Web Developer


  • The role will include remote working Development work using React and other front-end technologies.
  • Flexible location. as long as you have some overlap with European timezones, it doesn’t matter where you are, or how often you change location.
  • You will not be required to lead or manage the project but initiative and ideas will always be welcome. 

Required experience with technologies (at least 2 years of proven full-time working experience):

  • Primarily: React (hooks style)
    • This would include: TypeScript; HTML5; css-in-js; 
  • Web app development
    • HTTP and DNS protocol (Headers, Cookies, Websockets, DNS in context of web apps and services); Git; IDE or programmer editor (VSCode, Vim, etc)

Appreciated experience with:

  • Material UI
  • SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL or other)
  • Unit and E2E tests
  • Linux server administration basics (shell, http server configuration)
  • Webapp security
  • GraphQL and REST API 
  • Supabase

Required competencies:

  • Good and proactive communication. ie. about the progress you make, obstacles you face, what help you need, collaborating with colleagues, project management.
  • Expected to work independently and without supervision, able to code with good documentation, debug, figure out solutions, use initiative, etc. 
  • You can create layouts using standard components (eg. Material UI).
  • You write testable code, create unit tests, create abstractions and promote reusable code.
  • You practice defensive programming.
  • You understand concurrent and asynchronous program flow.

Bonus appreciated abilities:

  • Functional programming mindset.
  • Basic UI design, sense of esthetics.
  • political and progressive activism

Contract conditions

  • Salary competitive with IT in non profit organisations in your country
  • You can start as soon as possible
  • The work hours are flexible as long as there is some overlap with CET daytime, but aside from meetings or some daytime availability you would be free to set your own work hours. The working pattern is also flexible and could either be a consistent amount each week or more ‘sprints’ of a few days at a time. 
  • It would be a freelance contract at the start. We are open to an employee status if you prefer. Our company is incorporated in Estonia.

Application Process

Write to us at: with title „Application for Web Developer”.

Send us an email giving:

  • A summary of your experience or CV.
  • A portfolio, Github handle or a couple of examples of recent work you have done.
  • Why you are interested in working with us. (1-2 paragraphs is fine)

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at the same email address.

  • We will shortlist and invite a handful of applicants to the next stage. We aim to do this by Tuesday 27th March.
  • The next stage of the interview will include a task and a video call discussion with our team about your technical ability, experience, and how you are to work with. We aim to schedule these in the week beginning 2nd August. 

We have progressive values and aspire to be good and supportive colleagues. We recognise that we live in societies with various axes of oppression and inequality and wish to change this. We welcome applications from backgrounds typically under-represented in tech and will take into account that people may not have had equal opportunities to gain experience.