June 4, 2021

Coalition Campaigns on Proca

Inviting a Partner to Join

One of Proca’s key features is how easy coalition campaigns are. Our vision is not only to make it easier for campaigners to take actions while also increasing supporter sign-ups, but also to give NGOs the best tool available to collaborate.

Adding a partner to a campaign is easy. The dashboard has a link on the campaigns tab to invite a new partner to a campaign (see below image). A partner who clicks this link goes through a join process to complete the relevant information, then a widget is generated for them which they can use after a few minutes.

Branded Widgets, Common Action

Each partner organisation has their own Proca Widget, in their brand colours, on their website. The action which is taken is the same on all widgets: if it’s petition, they get pooled; if it’s a mail-to-target campaign, it is the same setup for everyone; joint fundraising can go into a common pot, or donations can be collected separately.

Crucially, the collection of supporter sign-up data is kept separate, allowing for an easy and GDPR compliant approach to data privacy.

Lead Generation through Partners

For a single organisation, it is easy to integrate an action step with a supporter sign-up step. Proca makes it easy for coalitions with multiple partners too.

Supporter sign-up data can be approached in a few different ways. Typically, when a partner organisation has their own widget, a supporter has the option of opting-in to being contacted by that organisation. The organisation then gets the sign-up data through Proca or directly into their CRM (if integrated). Another option is for a dual/split consent option (shown below), where the widgets offer supporters options of a) opt in to being contacted by the lead organisation (or a contact list specific for a campaign) and the partner organisation; b) the partner organisation only, or; c) no opt-in.

The supporter data is then stored separately, only accessible by the organisation(s) which the supporter opted into. It is also possible — and we recommend it! — for supporter data to be encrypted at rest so that it also needs an encryption key.

Everyone Wins

We know that coalition campaigns are great because everyone involved is a winner! The campaign does better because more people are reached and so more actions taken. The lead organisation also benefits from partner widgets which allow people to sign up to be contacted by the lead organisation, if there is a dual/split consent option. And partner organisations get to be part of the campaign and also collect supporter sign-ups themselves.

An example of a coalition campaign which used Proca is the campaign against the Energy Charter Treaty. This campaign had three lead organisations who each embedded a widget on their website, emailed supporters, and posted on social media: CAN EuropeTilt! and Greenpeace. The coalition had over 40 organisations in total, each with a widget on their website, and altogether, over a million signatures were collected.

You can read more about different types of coalitions and partners in this blog post.