Campaign Management

As Proca is designed for coalition campaigns, there are many features to help manage a coalition.

Campaigns Tab

Clicking the Campaigns tab brings up a list of the campaigns which you have. Campaigns which are controlled by you are blue and have buttons next to them; ones which you are a member of are purple with no buttons.

Settings. This changes Campaign settings for the text in the join process.

Translate. This opens up text and translation options for campaign text (more here).

Partners. This shows Partners who are part of the campaign, options to approve partners who have requested to join, and a link to send to partners to join the campaign.

Stats. This shows actions collected per widget.

Invite Link

The button ‘Link for partner join’ has a URL to send to partners to go through onboarding to join the campaign. Send this link to anybody you would like to join and it will take them to the start of the onboarding process!

The URL will look something like:

This image shows the first stage of the onboarding process for partners — read more about it in this guide page.

Editing Onboarding Text

There are two parts of text in the onboarding process which you can change!

  • The welcome/intro/summary of the campaign which is shown at the top (with blue background, shown on every step)
  • The message before the questions about partner’s involvements in the campaign (shown on the Request to Join step with input fields — in the example image below it just says “hello”)

You can edit these using in the ‘Translate’ button option:

You can read more about the ‘Translate’ text editor options in this guide page.

Click the translate button, then scroll to the section marked ‘onboarding’.

(Remember to click the ‘editable’ toggle!)

Partner Management

Clicking ‘Partners’ brings up a list of partners in the campaign and all of the widgets each partner has.

If they are pending approval, there will be a tick or cross option to approve them. Once approved, they show a tick.